Welcome to the

EC Micro-Farm Community

The community garden is an initiative driven by Hadiqaa-Middle East, the operator of the Education City Micro-Farm. 

The garden is open to people of all ages and is operated by volunteers. 

Help us create more green spaces in Qatar and a sustainable future! 

Whatever your skill level . . .

come sow some seeds, and get our community growing!


New members should follow these simple steps to get started!

  • Register 

Become a member of the Micro Farm! Read and complete the Registration & Contract Form 

  • Claim a bed
    Find a free raised soil bed on the
    floor plan and put down your name
  • Get on the Watering Schedule
    Put your name down on the
    watering schedule a couple times a month. 

A collective effort:

We appreciate every way you can contribute and take over a certain duty, such as  taking photos, making social media posts, creating plans and  sharing your gardening knowledge.

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