• Do you want to start a new space, but not sure where to start from?
  • Are you worried about your plants?
  • Would you like to know how to maintain your plants better?
  • Are you unsure about the needs of some plants you would like to buy?

Save time and money by getting an expert’s advice, before you start your green space or when you need help with maintenance!

Professional and affordable services include:

  • General Plant Selection and Purchase
  • Plant Potting and Maintenance
  • Home Garden Consultations (from small balcony gardens to larger scale projects)
  • Vegetable Garden Creation
  • Indoor Office Plants
  • School Gardening Workshops (Teachers & Children)

Book a time for a video call or a visit, to look at your space and decide together which plants would be more suitable for each area.

Vicky Damalou

Agronomist, Founder of Hadiqaa

Vicky decided to become an Agronomist at the age of 12. After graduating from the Agricultural University of Athens, in Greece, she worked for several years in gardening and in agricultural production & marketing in Europe.

She moved to Qatar, in 2010, and has since worked in production, marketing and sales in various agricultural businesses, in garden centers, in the establishment of greenhouses and in the business development of landscaping and agricultural business companies.

With a solid knowledge of the gardening and agricultural practices of different crops in Qatar, her dream is to provide agricultural advice that will lead to a greener future for all!

What Vicky Does
  • Indoor gardening
  • Vegetable gardening
  • Outdoor gardening
  • Plant diagnosis

Soumia Masmoudi

Permaculture Expert, Founder of Elle Architecture

Soumia is an architect and permaculture designer. Her work focuses on sustainability and the use of local resources and knowledge. Soumia has a Master’s in Architecture, a degree in Urban Design and a certificate in Permaculture Design.

She is the founder of ellearchitecture studio. The studio is an Architectural and permaculture design Studio, created in 2011. The Studio focuses on innovative projects combining community-empowerment, ecology and food security Projects.

What Soumia Does
  • Permaculture
  • Design
  • Urban Composting
  • Sustainable Art

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