School Programs

At Hadiqaa, our goal is to promote gardening and activate the community, in order to protect biodiversity and support sustainability.  

We believe that by educating the young generation about plant life and gardening, we can create a more sustainable future for all. 

To achieve this, we offer different activities for schools and kids groups:

  • Field trips and workshops at our greenhouse, inside Education City
  • Workshops at the school
  • Gardening as an extra curricular activity (at school)
  • School garden planning and activation
  • Teachers’ training in gardening 

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All of our programs are offered by specialized gardening instructors and agronomists. 

Field trips and workshops 

About the space:

Education City Micro-Farm is the first academic space of its kind in the region and was built with the goal to integrate gardening and sustainability into the academic programs through hands-on practice. It consists of a 700 sqm net house and a community garden, where kids can explore plant life, learn and grow.

EC Micro-Farm is located inside Education City, near the Ceremonial Court:

Availability and Pricing: 

  • Hour-long programs are offered between October-April, Sunday-Thursday at 8:00 and 10:00 a.m.
  • The program is available for up to 30 students per time slot
  • Cost is 55 QAR per student; minimum group size is 10 students. Please contact us for large groups pricing 
  • One adult per five students is admitted free to be a designated chaperone. This includes the teacher(s).
  • Our greenhouse is shaded and no cooling system is available, so please be mindful of the weather. On sandy days, the use of a mask is recommended. 



During the site visits, kids move freely around the space and also participate in a gardening workshop, consisting of 3 stations. The kids participate in various activities related to gardening, for example mixing the soil, planting, learning how to care for their plants by smell, touch, see, matching seeds and plants and others.

The kids get a chance to make their hands dirty, learn how to care for the plants at home and put into practice everything they might already know about a garden.

Teachers’ training in gardening 

One of the most efficient ways to educate the young generation about gardening, is educating the educator. 

We can support and empower the teachers and support staff of your school to develop and run a school garden successfully and sustainably and we can offer a continuous training with new activities and ideas that the kids will love. 

School Garden Planning and Activation:

School gardens can serve as outdoor labs and they are great places for students to learn about plant life and much more!

They have multiple social, environmental and health benefits, by teaching students how food is grown, while also offering some outdoor time. 

When we activate a school garden, we start from a basic design based on your needs.

Then, we provide you with detailed lists of activities and required supplies for the garden creation and for its continuous operation, while we offer guidance at every step.

The final step is a workshop involving the teachers and the students, explaining the basics of plant life and plant care, while planting the garden together.  

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