Success Story – Garden Revival

We all like success stories, so in this blog post I would like to share with you the story of Mayte, a very new gardener.

Mayte contacted me last February, asking for help with her garden. 

She had a big area around her house, that she would occasionally water and that was it about her gardening experience. Like many new gardeners, she was concerned about trimming or removing the weed, as she was worried that the plants would suffer. 

Mayte had been looking into getting plants for a while and a week before she had contacted me, a plant lover she knew was moving out to place without a garden and she had donated her some of her plants. 

Most of the plants were uprooted and placed into bags and they had been left there for around a week, as the gardener of her compound was too busy to plant them. 

Here are some pictures of the plants that she had got:  

Mayte was really concerned, as she didn’t have experience about gardening, but she could tell that the plants were dying. 

I went to her place the next day and started planting and explaining all the gardening basics at the same time; how to mix the soil, the place each plant prefers, how to plant properly, how to care for the plants after everything is finished. The best part of this one-to-one workshop/ gardening revival was that Mayte was very careful and kept in her mind everything we said! 

Here are some pictures from her plants before and after our workshop.  

And here is a picture from her garden just today! 

Mayte’s garden 2 months after our workshop

Looks like a miracle, right? 

But the reality is that this “miracle” didn’t happen overnight. Mayte committed to her garden, identified she needed help and then she followed all the advice she got, to start her gardening trip. 

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