Fabric Grow Bags

Fabric Pots or Grow Bags are – as the name suggests – pots made of fabric. 

In the Middle East, where overwatering is reason number one for indoor plants dying, fabric pots can offer a great way to avoid having your plants sitting in water. 

When the time comes to repot your plants, place them in a fabric pot and then in your decorative containers. When you water, let the excess water come out, and then throw it away. 

Even if your plant hasn’t been planted properly in its fabric pot, there is no chance that the bottom of the pot will be full of water for a prolonged period. 

Fabric pots allow better drainage and root aeration, to avoid root rot. 

In the case of gardens, the existing soil in the Middle East is usually too rocky and not of the best quality, so it is recommended to change soil or plant your greenery in containers or raised beds. Fabric grow bags offer a great alternative to raised beds, as there is no need for all the construction and setting up. 

We haven’t found a wide choice of fabric pots available in Qatar, so we asked www.onomoo.com to bring in some pots and supply them to our customers at our regular 10% discount by using the code VICKY10. The quantity is limited and they are available at this link https://www.onomoo.com/product/fabric-grow-bag/?fbclid=IwAR1xP58xNwA3fHJsZ2x60fiUp1zk5ETyddg7e12fdW0kfM7ZlRNaSmO9B-o

Happy gardening! 

Vicky and Sara 

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