Benefits of Gardening for Kids

So many of my childhood memories involved wide open spaces, adventures in the great outdoors and planting and growing vegetables with my dad.  Precious memories I now look back on in my adulthood and fondly remember those care-free days when I potter about in my own garden.

There are so many different ways kids can benefit from gardening and by having a connection to nature.  I’m reminded today of the time in my childhood that we planted corn all along the fence of our front garden.  I was so excited to see the plants grow and waited in anticipation to pick the fully grown corn.  The evening before we planned to harvest the corn, a herd of cows came walking along the fence and munched with much delight on all the plants!  I was devastated!  

Fortunately there won’t be any cows eating your lovingly grown crops here in Qatar and today I admire my recently planted corn and simply smile when I see it grow. 

Going on your own gardening adventure with your kid(s) is one of the best activities for the whole family! Not all kids will be budding botanists or tree surgeons, but they will certainly have heaps of fun on the journey of discovery.

“You have a chance to plant a seed of something very special in the hearts, minds, and spirits of your children as you garden together.” – Cathy James

(source: https://artfulparent.com/the-garden-classroom/)

These are our TOP 5 ways kids can benefit from doing gardening activities:

  1.  Knowledge

Planting a tiny seed that becomes a plant can be a magical experience.  Learning the process and what that tiny seed needs to grow can help build knowledge.  Gardening offers a complete sensory experience for kids, from getting their hands dirty with soil to seeing the plant grow to tasting the fruits and veggies grown. (Note: not all plants should be tasted!)

  1.  Environmental Awareness

What better way to enjoy nature with family and friends.  Gardening provides kids with an awareness of their environment and the role plants have in living a sustainable life. 

  1. Nutrition

I am fortunate that from my childhood I have had a fondness for eating any and all vegetables.  Gardening teaches kids to appreciate where food comes from and a vegetable or herb grown by yourself will always taste better than what you can buy in a food store.

  1. Self-Confidence

There can be many failures in gardening, but being able to plant a seed and nurture it to a mature plant is incredibly rewarding and this in-turn builds confidence in kids and gives them a sense of achievement.

  1. Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Gardening as a child is simply good for the soul.  It not only gives kids the opportunity to be active, but also supports their mental wellbeing through the release of positive endorphins or an opportunity for kids to express themselves freely.  Seeing a pretty flower or plant can bring a smile to anyone! 

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The most important thing is to have some fun as a family, enjoy the outdoors and enjoy your kids gardening journey together!

Happy Gardening 

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