Gardening Basics in the Gulf: Self-Paced Online Course


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Green thumbs are a myth. We can teach you how to take care of your plants.

This workshop is addressed to the ambitious gardener who would like to learn the basics about planting and maintaining a green area in their garden or balcony, and also to the more experienced greens keeper who would like to have a little more insight about the plants’ physiology, nutrition and maintenance.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

–           Prepare a green area indoor or outdoor, that will require the minimum maintenance to look good

–           Learn how to prepare the best potting mix

–           Maintain your green spaces with the minimum effort and losses

–           Grow your own vegetables

–           Move your plants successfully into larger / more suitable containers

–           Identify basic enemies and deficiencies and be able to treat them in natural ways.

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