Plant Nutrition – LIVE Online Workshop


Learn all the secrets to keep your plants happy and healthy!

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Plants have needs… if only they could speak!

Plants thrive on love and care in the form of light, water, and nutrients. But when is a good thing too much, or not enough?

The Plant Nutrition workshop is designed to teach you how to understand your plants and look for signs that communicate their needs. Whether your plant is shedding leaves, turning yellow or is unfruitful, you’ll discover what may be lacking (or overabundant) and how to turn any plant species into the healthiest version of itself.

We’ll discuss all the essential elements for plant growth and your role as a gardener and provider of balanced plant nutrition that prevents toxicity or nutrient leaching due to environmental factors, including:

  • The basic nutrients and their functions
  • How to identify garden plant deficiencies
  • Fertilizer types available in the Middle East and application how-to’s
  • Soil types and their effect on various plant species and plant nutrition

This workshop is ideal for gardeners of all levels wishing to learn more about plant nutrition and how to maintain healthy leaves, flowers and fruits.

This an online workshop and it takes place via Google Meet.


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Oct 16 @ 5pm, Nov 20 @ 5 pm, Jan 22 @ 5 pm


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