Plant Nutrition – LIVE Online Workshop


Learn what is the right product to feed your plants, how much to use and the best time to offer it during the season.

Products to use and when to apply them.

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Would you like to feed your plants, but you are not sure which product to use, how much and when?

Join us in this live online workshop, to learn how to keep your plants lush, strong and help them give you more flowers or fruits.

Vicky will explain all about the essential elements for plant growth and help you improve as a gardener and provider of balanced plant nutrition.

By the end of this workshop, you will know:

  • The basic nutrients and their functions
  • How to identify the main garden plant deficiencies
  • Fertilizer types available in the Middle East and application how-to’s
  • Soil types and their effect on various plant species and plant nutrition

This workshop is ideal for gardeners of all levels wishing to learn more about plant nutrition and how to maintain healthy leaves, flowers and fruits.

This an online workshop and it takes place via Google Meet.

This course is presented by the Co-Founder and Owner of Hadiqaa, Vicky Damalou.

About Vicky: 

Vicky decided she wanted to become and Agronomist at the age of 12. After graduating from the Agricultural University of Athens, in Greece, she worked for several years in gardening and in agricultural production & marketing in Europe.

Since she moved to Qatar, in 2010, she worked in production, marketing and sales in various agricultural businesses, in garden centers, in the establishment of greenhouses and in the business development of landscaping and agricultural business companies.

With a solid knowledge of the gardening and agricultural practices of different crops in Qatar, her dream is to provide agricultural advice that will lead to a greener future for all!


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Jan 8 @ 10 am, Mar 5 @ 5pm


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