Snake plant care tips

Snake plant (Sansevieria sp. or Mother’s tongue) can tolerate the sandstorms when placed outdoor or the low light of a dark room indoor. This makes it more and more popular in the hot, desert climates.

Snake plant (Sansevieria sp. or Mother’s tongue) is getting more and more popular in the hot climates for a good reason: its ability to adjust equally well indoor and outdoor brings it among the top choices of plant lovers. If you live in a hot climate like in the Gulf, here are a few tips for its care:

  • OFFER LITTLE WATER: This is an essential part of Sansevieria’s care, as it can tolerate drought, but it won’t last in a constantly humid soil.
  • Give any type of light, but protect it from the strong summer sun: Snake plant has no preference when it comes to light conditions. Place it in a dark room or next to a window, in a garden or a balcony.
  • Place it indoor or outdoor: The biggest benefit of Sansevieria is that it doesn’t mind the sandstorms. It will survive equally well in an office or a windy balcony.

If you are a person who doesn’t have much time for plant care, then snake plant is for you. The more you forget about it, the longer it will live.

Watering in hot climates

Finding proper watering advice online can be really confusing, especially when someone lives in the desert, and has to deal with extremely hot weather conditions. 

To start with, think of plants as living things, like humans. Like humans, plants need more water in the summer, and even more if they stay outdoors and are exposed to sun.

To learn more about proper watering of different types of plants in the Middle East, book an online consultation or join one of our workshops. 

Fabric Grow Bags

Fabric Pots or Grow Bags are – as the name suggests – pots made of fabric. 

In the Middle East, where overwatering is reason number one for indoor plants dying, fabric pots can offer a great way to avoid having your plants sitting in water. 

When the time comes to repot your plants, place them in a fabric pot and then in your decorative containers. When you water, let the excess water come out, and then throw it away. 

Even if your plant hasn’t been planted properly in its fabric pot, there is no chance that the bottom of the pot will be full of water for a prolonged period. 

Fabric pots allow better drainage and root aeration, to avoid root rot. 

In the case of gardens, the existing soil in the Middle East is usually too rocky and not of the best quality, so it is recommended to change soil or plant your greenery in containers or raised beds. Fabric grow bags offer a great alternative to raised beds, as there is no need for all the construction and setting up. 

We haven’t found a wide choice of fabric pots available in Qatar, so we asked www.onomoo.com to bring in some pots and supply them to our customers at our regular 10% discount by using the code VICKY10. The quantity is limited and they are available at this link https://www.onomoo.com/product/fabric-grow-bag/?fbclid=IwAR1xP58xNwA3fHJsZ2x60fiUp1zk5ETyddg7e12fdW0kfM7ZlRNaSmO9B-o

Happy gardening! 

Vicky and Sara 

Gardening supplies and suppliers in Qatar

As many people are asking where to find various gardening supplies in Qatar, we have compiled a list of the places that supply plants, pots and tools, and included their contact details and location links. Click on this link to view the full list:


Please comment below if you are a supplier and you would like to make some edit or add more information to your details. Also, anyone is welcome to comment and add a great supplier that has been missed out! 🙂

Stay safe and keep gardening!

Sara and Vicky

Success Story – Garden Revival

We all like success stories, so in this blog post I would like to share with you the story of Mayte, a very new gardener.

Mayte contacted me last February, asking for help with her garden. 

She had a big area around her house, that she would occasionally water and that was it about her gardening experience. Like many new gardeners, she was concerned about trimming or removing the weed, as she was worried that the plants would suffer. 

Mayte had been looking into getting plants for a while and a week before she had contacted me, a plant lover she knew was moving out to place without a garden and she had donated her some of her plants. 

Most of the plants were uprooted and placed into bags and they had been left there for around a week, as the gardener of her compound was too busy to plant them. 

Here are some pictures of the plants that she had got:  

Mayte was really concerned, as she didn’t have experience about gardening, but she could tell that the plants were dying. 

I went to her place the next day and started planting and explaining all the gardening basics at the same time; how to mix the soil, the place each plant prefers, how to plant properly, how to care for the plants after everything is finished. The best part of this one-to-one workshop/ gardening revival was that Mayte was very careful and kept in her mind everything we said! 

Here are some pictures from her plants before and after our workshop.  

And here is a picture from her garden just today! 

Mayte’s garden 2 months after our workshop

Looks like a miracle, right? 

But the reality is that this “miracle” didn’t happen overnight. Mayte committed to her garden, identified she needed help and then she followed all the advice she got, to start her gardening trip. 

How to start gardening


In this first post I would like to share with you the gardening basic knowledge that will help the ambitious new gardener or the experienced green keeper, in order to understand better their plants’ needs and grow happier plants!

So, when you hear about gardening, what are the first things that come into your mind? 

Plants? and soil? shovels? Water? 

All these are absolutely necessary, but the 2 most important things someone will need to start, is space and time. 

And what do I mean by that? 

Gardening is an activity that will require some of your time…since plants are living things, and since they can’t really move and get what they need, they need constant care for their entire life. Think about it, are you ready for a commitment? 🙂 

The more plants you have, the more time they will require you to give them!  

The same goes for your space – with one more factor; the conditions in your space. How is the light in the area you would like to place your plants? Is it indoor or outdoor? Is it windy? How is the soil? These are some of the questions you will have to ask yourself before deciding which plant you should go for. 

When you have assessed your time and space, you are ready to move on to the exciting task of choosing plants and buying gardening equipment! 

In my next post I will give out a list of some places with plants and gardening supplies in Qatar and what you will find in each one of them. Feel free to mention in the comments any place that is missing and what it is selling and we will keep adding them in our list. 

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