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Our Urban Composting is currently unavailable.

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Do you want to start composting but you are worried about the smell?
Are you worried about the time it will take until your compost is ready?

After experimenting with different types of composting, we can now teach you how to make your own compost in 30 days, without any smell and only with your home waste!

Now is the best season to start in the Middle East.

General benefits of composting:
– Replaces the need for fertilizers
– Replaces the need for insect repellents / insecticides
– Avoid diseases and pests, as plants are stronger and healthier
– Nutrients are more available for the plant and which accelerates the growth of your plants
– Adding a range of bio-diverse microorganisms to the soil

Acid fermented compost is the latest technology in composting and it is better, because:
– It’s faster (30 days in the weather of Qatar/Middle East)
– Easier to be made – zero maintenance. Once you put it there, you leave it
– Odorless

Location: The location for the workshop is inside Princely Parks nursery, close to IKEA:
There are roadworks in the area, but the access to the nursery is open.

This workshop is offered in collaboration with Soumia Masmoudi – http://www.ellearchitecture.com

About Soumia Masmoudi :

Soumia is an architect and permaculture designer. As the Director of Elle architecture, she is involved in sustainablity projects with Qatar Green Building in Doha and is a member of Landscape-Architects in Hochiminh.

She is always curious about sustainable practices on building and gardening and she has designed several permaculture projects.

She learnt gardening with the locals on tropical, mediterranean and desert climate and she found her own way on urban gardening ( balcony, terrace and at all the places she has lived in).

Beauty, health and being practical, are the cornerstones of her design and gardening.

2 reviews for Urban Composting Workshop

  1. Eleonor Delosreyes (verified owner)

    The workshop is very informative! Soumaya is a very good resource person and shares eagerly her composting experience to all attendees. Vicky also came up with an idea of having composting starter kit to help all attendees. After the workshop I started right away in creating my activator. Cant wait to learn and share the experience I will have! Happy composting everyone.

  2. Ghinwa Zoubeir (verified owner)

    I was new to the world of composting and I can say that after the workshop I gained so much knowledge from Soumia, who is very experienced in this field and has tried different ways of composting before she finally found out the best way for that. The team is so helpful and I learned so many new theories and received practical advices that I can apply in my daily life.

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